Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Melisha Lawrence found at  abides by the following Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you what personally identifiable information may be collected, why and how it may be used.

Any personal data you provide to Therapy Space 4 U will be held and processed in accordance with the data protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation. I am registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which means it is important to tell you what data I collect from you and what I intend to do with it. If I ask you to provide certain data when using my services, it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement.

Your privacy is important and I am committed to protecting it and keeping it safe.  This Privacy Policy applies only to data collected by myself, Melisha Lawrence and Therapy Space 4 U paperwork and website. Third parties which may be linked to this website are not covered by this Privacy Policy. If you have any queries around this Privacy Policy and data protection, please email


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What data do I collect?

An electronic and paper record of some personal details will be kept and stored securely on a password protected and encrypted device or a locked cabinet, in order to provide a counselling service and for safeguarding purposes. This will include:

  •  information relating to your identity, such as name, age and gender
  • information relating to you requesting the service such as your difficulties, GP details, availability
  •  contact details such as your address, phone number and email
  • brief session notes including themes, patterns and risks
  • feedback, such as complaints, recommendations and referrals

How do I use your data?


Your data is used to administer counselling services, such as, answering enquiries and arranging sessions. It is used to notify you about changes to your sessions and/or other changes to services. Additionally, to seek feedback on your experience at Therapy Space 4 U.

Any information about you will not be shared except if:

  • Harm to self and/or others:
    I may share your information with the relevant authorities if there is significant reason to believe that this may prevent serious harm being caused to yourself and/or another person.
  • Compliance with the law:
    I may share your information when it is required by law.

Where do I store your data?

Your data is stored electronically on a password protected and encrypted device. Any paper work is stored in a locked cabinet. No identifying names or material is retained on these records as a client ID number is used to replace such information. Your email address will be stored on a business email account and your phone number will be anonymously stored on a business phone. At the end of our counselling agreement, copies of our exchanges will be stored electronically on a password protected and encrypted device. The internet is not 100% secure; therefore, although I will do my best to protect your information, I cannot guarantee the security of your data transmitted via email.

Client rights

You have the right to ask questions or view information I hold about you. Please send a request to 

  • what data I have
  • why I am storing it
  • why I may need to share it
  • how you can get a copy of the information

You can ask to change any information that I hold for you, except that which I have a legal and professional obligation to keep, for example, for the purposes of my practice.

You may withdraw your consent for me to hold and process your data at any time.  However, if you do this while actively receiving counselling at Therapy Space 4 U, your counselling would have to be terminated.  You can withdraw your consent by emailing


If you wish to complain about how your data is handled by Therapy Space 4 U, please first contact Melisha Lawrence on If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact the Information Commissioners Office or on 0303 123 113.