What clients have to say:

I had been meaning to go to therapy for years… after about six months of sessions, a slow but gradual opening of many deep, unpleasant feelings came up and although it became harder to deal with them as they got more intense, Melisha continuously provided a safe, comfortable space where I could allow these thoughts to come to the surface and we processed them together.

I would absolutely recommend her expertise to anyone who is currently battling with suppressed, heavy energy that feels as though it’s taking the driver’s seat in your life… I am truly grateful for working with her“. – age 34, 2020

Melisha is an excellent therapist… She has helped me process a lot of things throughout our time together. Her open-minded, calm approach really makes you feel as though you are confiding in someone without the feeling of being a burden… She has a natural talent in making her clients comfortable and confident enough to share matters of all topics, with her expertise in said subjects, she was able to offer alternative methods of thoughts and theories I was unaware of. I highly recommend her service and hope your experience is as positive as mine” – age 31, 2019

I just want to say thank you to Melisha for all her help… I’ve learned so much about myself and she has helped me to learn how to deal and cope better with my emotions” – age 27, 2019

I’m glad I was able to talk to Melisha, she helped me through a lot, so thank you” – age 18, 2018